A Tale from Arcadia, Revisited

“I wont…Kansas….cold button red venne-mutton.”

Word Salad.

This was how we referred to the speech patterns of the people in the unit who can no longer make meaningful sentences out of words. From 2011 until 2014, I worked in a locked unit for dementia patients who were no longer able to care for themselves. I was thinking about that time in my life, and the people I met in the locked unit, today, especially that words didn’t always come easily to them.  Continue reading “A Tale from Arcadia, Revisited”


Trumpets in the Cemetery

Because of the jobs I’ve had, I’ve lived in some pretty…interesting…. places.

I’ve lived walk up apartments in the city, townhouses in the suburbs, basement studios in small towns, in a yurt [which was WAY too close to roughing it for my liking], and once, in an actual house, in the city of Flemington, NJ. Continue reading “Trumpets in the Cemetery”

With a Capital T

When I was a kid, I used to walk a mile each way to the elementary school I attended. I’d walk down Hasler Lane to Spruce St, turn right, go down Spruce, turn left onto Elmwood Ave, walk all the way down Elmwood Ave to Maple Street, where I’d turn right and go three more blocks to the school on the corner of Maple and Vine. It was how my mother taught me to get there when I was in Kindergarten, and it’s how I walked every day until one day in third grade, when my friend Amanda, who lived on the other end of my street, asked me to walk to school with her. Continue reading “With a Capital T”

Losing Christmas, Finding Peace

What happens when you realize that Christmas just might not be “your” holiday anymore?

This question has been tumbling around in my head since mid-November, and I’ve begun to write about it half a dozen times, only to delete everything and close the computer in frustration.

It isn’t often that I find myself unable to put my thoughts into words, but this is one of those times. Have you ever had thoughts take root so deeply inside the recesses of your own mind that you can’t quite tell if they’re thoughts, or if they’re emotions…..or perhaps some amalgam of the two? Continue reading “Losing Christmas, Finding Peace”