My name is Christin. I have brown, straight hair and green eyes. I’m left handed. My little toes are each missing a bone, so they are shaped like C’s. And I’m gay.  Whateves.


Me. Note the big jewelry, funky hair and glasses, and ever-present jean jacket

I’m also a writer, a dreamer, a retired actor, an activist learning to balance a public and a private life, an armchair theologian, an ex-christian-turned-unitarian-but-kinda-agnostic-leaning-toward-athiest-but-not-really-sure-and-I’m-okay-with-that.

I drink too much tea and coffee, love my cat, and try hard to keep a clean house [though I usually fail at that].

I love to cook.

Hate doing laundry.

Have a long-term, ongoing, borderline obsessive relationship with my jean jacket.

I’m unashamedly wacky in my style choices. I wear wild clothes and big jewelry and FAB shoes [as long as they’re comfy. ALWAYS COMFY.]  Sometimes I wear makeup, sometimes not. And I’m always doing something new with my hair.

I spent the first 30 years of my life in a fundamentalist christian cult. I’ve been out now for almost 7 years, and I’m still figuring things out, learning who I am apart from them, and healing from decades of brainwashing and abuse. Definitely don’t have it all figured out yet, but I’m working on it, and couldn’t imagine life any other way.

Know that wherever you come from, whatever brought you to my little corner of the internet – you’re welcome here, you’re needed here, you’re wanted here. Respectful discourse is always encouraged, so pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea, and stay a while.



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