Who Matters?

Does my life matter?

I try really hard to keep this blog as politics-free as I can. The internet is awash in political overload all the time these days, and I don’t want to just be another voice in the crowd.

Today though, I’m feeling it.

People with pre-existing conditions woke up this week to the message that our lives aren’t worth saving.

Transgender people woke up to the message that they are a burden, and unfit to serve our country simply because they were born with the wrong bits.

LGBTQIA+ people woke up to the message that the DOJ still thinks it’s okay to discriminate against us simply because of who we love.

Immigrants woke up to the message that they are sociopathic killers who will hack up teen girls if given the chance – yes, folks, our PRESIDENT said that in Ohio this week.

Women wake up to the ongoing message that our bodies are not our own, and that we need to sit down, shut up, and be ladylike, even if it means perpetuating the patriarchal oppression we’ve lived with for millennia.

Black people wake up every day to the message that their lives don’t matter as much as white lives, and that they will, inevitably, be treated as dangerous, or less than, simply because of their skin color.


When do we rise up and say that enough is enough?

When will YOU rise up and say that we’ve had enough of systemic oppression?

When will we realize that “it doesn’t affect me so I won’t say anything” makes us complicit?

They’ve come for the immigrants.

The sick.

The poor.

The gay.

The trans.

The women.


Until all lives matter, NO lives really matter.

Say something. Do something.

Don’t sit by while we walk through each day wondering if our existence is going to be threatened today.




One thought on “Who Matters?

  1. Gorgeousness. This was so so beautifully written. I may be tearing up. Definitely might be tearing up. This post should be required reading. Remember, there’s no stopping progress my love


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